5 World Class Entrepreneurs Share Their Morning Routines

morning routine

Robin Sharma Morning Routine

robin sharma morning routine

Robin is founder at robinsharma.com and the author of the bestselling book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” He shares some wisdom about the first hour being the most important hour of the day.  Check out Robin Sharma’s morning routine below:

“The Holy Hour, as you know, is simply 60 minutes at the beginning of your day that you devote to self-mastery and personal development. If your outer life is really a reflection of the quality of your inner life, then it’s a brilliant move to spend at least an hour a day working on yourself. This simple idea alone has helped so many of our clients from around the world get to world-class in business and in life.
During my Holy Hour, I journal, I read inspirational books, I review my goals and plans and I simply make the time to think. Because clarity precedes mastery and the clearer you can get on what you want to create in life, the more focused you will be in your daily behaviors. Every day can be a platform to get you closer to your mountaintop. And yet, too many people live life by accident.”

Lewis Howes Morning Routine 

lewis howes morning routine

Lewis is an authentic thought leader at lewishowes.com and author of the book School Of Greatness. Check out Lewis Howe’s morning routine below:

“Mornings are everything for me. They either set me up to thrive or simply just survive. I wake up and set my intention for what I want to create that day either mentally or by writing it down. Then I express my gratitude as I believe it’s important to start from gratitude so that when things come up you aren’t happy with, you can still focus on the things you ARE grateful for instead of the things you aren’t. After that, I make my bed. This helps me clear my sleeping space and declutters my mind. It also gets me taking action and building positive momentum towards getting results for my day. After that, I do a 30-60 minute workout depending on the day and push my body to an uncomfortable state. Then I drink a green juice and smoothie, shower, and get into my day. All of these things are planned and intentional, instead of just waking up and reacting to the day. I find my days 10x more productive when I follow this than when I don’t.”

Eben Pagan Morning Routine

eben pagan morning routine

Eban Pagan is a business growth specialist, he foundedGetAltitude.com and has sold over $100M worth of information products over the past 10 years. Check out Eban Pagan’s morning routine below :

“The crux of the personal success piece is sleep. 8-hours of high-quality deep sleep in a comfortable, dark quiet space using an eye mask and ear plugs is critical, so when you wake up you feel rejuvenated. The first thing I do when I wake up is drink water and then exercise and then a really high-quality meal. I make a green shake that I’ve been iterating on for years. If I get all those pieces right : the sleep, the water, the exercise and the food in the morning, I’m pretty much set for a good day.”

Joel Brown Morning Routine

joel brown morning routine

Joel Brown is the founder of addicted2success.com, one of the leading self-development sites in the world. Check out Joel Brown’s Morning Routine Below:

“You wake up, you exercise to wake your body and mind up, do self-development and then meditate on it. And that’s what I do every morning. It’s the 20-20-20. 20-minutes of exercise, 20-minutes of Self-Development & 20-minutes of meditation. And then I have a number of other habits like revisiting goals, going over my vision every day as part of visualizing and strengthening my beliefs about what I’m doing.”

John Lee Dumas Morning Routine

john lee dumas morning routine

John Lee Dumas is the founder of Entrepreneur On Fire, know for its world renowned podcast. Check out John Lee Dumas’s morning routine below:

“My morning starts with success because I am in bed by 9:15pm every night. First things first: sleep well. The Chili Pad makes sure I have an amazing nights sleep. Any computer time after 8pm is done with the aid of my gamma glasses and the app flux. A spray of Magnesium Oil and 30-minutes of fiction reading and I am drifting off by 10pm in a cold black room. At 5:30am my app Sleep Cycle goes off and I jump RIGHT out of bed. I immediately head to the bathroom to splash cold water on my face and brush my teeth with fluoride free toothpaste, and a tongue scraper. Then I pound two 8-ounce glasses of water. Then I’m off for a 35-minute power walk listening to Podcasts. Then it’s off to the shower where I skin brush for 2 minutes, followed by a 5-minute Tabata shower. After my refreshing shower, it’s time to get my meditation on! Then I write in The Freedom Journal.” (for his full morning routine

(for his full morning routine click here)

So in this article, you have learned from 5 leading entrepreneurs how they spend their mornings. Robin Sharma’s morning routine included the holy hour of self-mastery. Eban Pagan’s morning routine involved a super green smoothie. Joel Brown’s morning routine involved the 20 20 20 rule. Lewis Howes morning routine involved gratitude and strenuous exercise. And John Lee Dumas’s morning routine involved a long podcast walk.

Leave a comment with your morning routine and how you will integrate what you’ve learnt into it.



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